Building a generator out of a Microwave?

Hi, I love technology and the idea of how everything works, but when it comes to knowing how all the parts work to make something new, Im totally lost. But I have been workin with this idea on building a generator that can run off its own back emf. And I have this microwave convection oven and I want to be able to salvage any and all parts from it for this project. As I said, Im not very technologically inclined, so I would be more than grateful if any of you could help enlighten me.

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  1. Art says:

    the most likely outcome of opening up a microwave oven and turning it on is you will get a near lethal dose of radiation that will cook your corneas and you will probably end up blind if you don’t die. or you will touch something and electrocute yourself. if you want to fool around and learn about neat technology don’t kill yourself by fooling around with a microwave oven. You might get some amateur radio books and read up on what it takes to become a radio amateur and read about the kind of projects they build. nice low power devices that run on 12 volts rather than 1400 watt microwave ovens that are potentially lethal.

  2. Texas granny turtle says:

    I would read as much as could on each how they work. The fact you even thought of this is good.
    You may need assistant of person with more knowledge willing to help. You will probable need several microwaves for replacing failed or fried out ones. Thrift stores usually have several. If in later time something comes of this you will have proof of it for a patent. Keep a notebook of what worked and so on for proof if you apply for a patent. Good luck.

  3. lee26loo says:

    YOU CANNOT ! Microwave oven uses a single magneton that only able to oscillate at about 2.4Ghz.
    Its power source is a simple -4kv DC pulse. If you make it work with the door open,it shall cook your eyes.

  4. Irv S says:

    " …a generator that can run off its own back emf".
    Sounds like you’re looking for a ‘free lunch’.
    There isn’t one.

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