free energy generator – easy to build

This easy to build free energy generator device is easy to replicate for just under 5$. How did I discover this device by accident? I was playing around with a dyi neodymium magnet motor and felt an “electric tickle”, everytime the neodymium magnet got close to the coil. So I asked myself: can I power anything with it? I tried a LED and that burned up after a few seconds so I tried it with small 2 engines from an old walkman, connected together. This setup has been running for 2 weeks now and I still don’t understand the working of it. I know that a perpetuum mobile would violate the first law of thermodynamics and/or the second law of thermodynamics so it has to gain it’s energy from somewhere. Is it zero point? Could anyone please explain? I’m lost… This video was shot with my Samsung Galaxy Note in HD 1080p quality.

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  1. kushman250 says:

    dude you should wire it up to charge your phone or ipod

  2. naufal1337 says:

    Nice man! You should build a bigger scaled one to support the use in you home :D

  3. loggiesjohan says:

    quite easy to explain…the magnet’s field cause an electrical current to move through the coil,easy as that

  4. hippo459 says:

    the amount of energy used to induce the magnetism in the magnet when it was made will not be payed back in electrical gains by this device before the magnet is worn out, needing to be magnetized again. east as that.

  5. lee986321 says:

    My Uncle Burt and I used to do a lot of these kinds of projects.I can’t exp[lain it but I know it is very real.

  6. django4444 says:

    A static magnetic field causes moving electrons? You have no glue from simple physic, easy as that!

  7. JonathanDLynch says:

    If it were easy as that, permanent magnets would be used as batteries.

  8. Uncle Rice says:

    Not sure how this works, but do you live near high power lines?

  9. loggiesjohan says:

    i assume you also know better,but since the question was asked in the first place,why not play with it?

  10. 2690rob says:

    or use it to charge a cell phone or camera or a GPS.

  11. etboutsidethebox says:

    Have you tried it with a larger coil? More turns? If so how does this affect the voltage?

  12. tarykristie says:

    Very bright…pardon the pun. This is awesome work. Thank you for sharing your genius with us. Peace <3 Awake in Canada

  13. SuperGravitant says:

    A good scam, I know the trick

  14. mwdub02 says:

    I just want to know where u have hidden the battery

  15. hippo459 says:

    there is so little energy its not even funny, whats your explanation then? magic? making energy from magnets?

  16. hippo459 says:

    easier explanation! its fake.

  17. rishabh uppal says:

    its 2 easy…… due to d force n attraction of magnets… d copper coil generated electric city..!! Study Phiysics…!! u may get in more deeep..!! :D

  18. mikaza57 says:

    It would be cool if you would show or include in the description a diagram of the circuit. I would like to try this myself. Thanks

  19. yon fredy arbelaez says:

    esta muy bien pero me pueds enviar el esquema a mi correo si no es mucha molestia gracias mi

  20. Khwartz says:

    It'”s work because you hide the battery at the back. That is why there is a cut in the film at 01:08, aand that why the coil ends go through the brown cardboard and that you always tthe whole under an other cardboard, the white one, where is hidden the battery all the time you present the system from the top. for the sound, very easy to control on the vid to make it sound all the time, but I bet you would hardly present the system form the side running WITHOUT CUT ;)

  21. Sheila Murray says:

    this is so fucking stupid…
    if any of you want free energy that is real built and tested i build fuel less generators and tesla switches since 1981 …send me a email air2gas at

  22. Sheila Murray says:

    the pix is my daughter Lauren

  23. RyuuDZ says:

    Tell me, have you made a video response proof of showing how this is “fake”? If not, could you? and if no, why not?

  24. billyjack1962 says:

    Have you been able to increase power with more windings, larger magnet, and so on?

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