free hydrogen generator plans??

It’s funny that we always looking for free stuff but the moment we find it we seem to think its not good quality. Ha ha haa! I have been scouring the net for the past 2 hours looking for free plans to build a hydrogen generator. So far I only found one site offering decent plans for free Before I go busting my back tryna figure these plans out, are they any other plans/kit I can download for free online? Thanks Guys!

3 Responses to “free hydrogen generator plans??”

  1. Jasony says:

    That site just wants to sell your e-mail address. I hope you like spam.

  2. dn24210r says:

    that screams scam
    here convert to electric it is better and has been proven

    here geothermal for your house drop your utility cost


  3. barney c says:

    if it sounds to good to be true, its probably a gimmick. if it was a really good plan that worked, some big corporation, would have the rights to it.

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