Homemade Biogas Generator

In this video I ll tell you that how you can make a simple biogas generator at home. Biogas is easy to produce and a very good source of energy especially fo…

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  1. PhantomAct says:

    How long does the manure produce methane?

  2. KAIMKHANE says:

    sir, can u share your number to guide me please??????

  3. Olufemi Patrick Balogun says:

    Nice work. Even after 2 yrs, I find this relevant.
    can you explain how you use water in holding the pressure. I need to understand that please

  4. Sablicious says:

    I’m waiting for Part 2 …where he blows himself up!

  5. Samuel Cyiza kayondo says:

    wanted to see more of your video how to make a bio gas

  6. kriskevin18 says:

    Cool project you have there! I just want to ask if how many days/hours will the bio gas last? Thank you very much hope you’ll answer my question.

  7. Clifford Hodgson says:

    Hay Wahab, i really like your design, but i don’t see it very well due to the distance for the camera, if you document it draw it or take pictures it will be great. But i have one question with the waste in the bottle. How long will the waste be in the bottle to produce the biogas, do you have to change the waste from time to time?

  8. Josef Simon says:

    Warum nicht kenne einige Selbstbau Gülle Biogasanlagen. Ob die so gut laufen wie eine Profi Firmen-anlagen muss jeder selbst bewerten. Die Selbstbaukosten sicher sind niedriger.

    mit sonnigen Grüßen aus Bayern Solarstrom Simon

  9. jajabor01010101 says:

    Make another video with details please.Or you may load images.

  10. Lauri Pullinen says:

    Very good! You made something to see. :) Great idea to store the gas in a bubble inside watertank. same time the gas is cleaned when going through water, the little sulphur stays in water. I think you deserve MacGyver special prize for this.

  11. Murali N says:

    Wahab you have done a great job.It would be better if you could explain and show all individual components involved and details and cost in dollars etc.Thank you for the video

  12. Arturo Perez says:

    Thanks a lot, great vid

  13. azhar yar says:

    hy how r you i think u good please send me detail in urdu of this gas for example yeh gas cow k waste say banti hay

  14. Cibi Mlopes says:


  15. Cibi Mlopes says:


  16. Sablicious says:

    O que você inventou?

  17. halwaraj says:

    sare katte atank wadi hai… aajao india ki maar lo

  18. Gina Noel-Barham says:

    whats the purpose of the valves and the bucket of water ?

  19. TheDesertCalm says:

    rapist bc ki ami ka dung use kar kay bio gas banao sare. rapist

  20. jim kidman says:

    could i run a generator useing this thing

  21. johnson ouseph says:

    very very poor video
    show understanding for difficult dear friend better don’t show .

  22. javier a. castillo says:


  23. Keys Wolfram says:

    how I get the bacteria culture? or I have to make myself with a started culture?

  24. rushi mahajan says:

    but i will like to know the need of plastic jar in it. i want to make this model for my school will u plz mail me some more information regarding this model

  25. hawkluvbeer says:

    Ever ate Indian food? You will have plenty of dung.

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