How does a DC generators throttle actuator’s sensor work?

How does a throttle actuator/control for a generator know to increase decrease throttle based on electrical current demand?
I’m thinking of building a DC generator using a diesel engine and a PMAC motor but am confused as to how I will vary the engine speed automatically to meet the varying current demand. Thanks!

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  1. Ghadahav Kaffee says:

    if you sense the current load by a line resistance of perhaps 0.1 ohm, you can increase or decrease the RPM of the generator as the current rises and falls

  2. jrrymiller says:

    If you use an automobile generator you can use an automotive regulator to provide a constant DC voltage. These alternators are made to operate at varying RPM’s and load and the regulator can be made adjustable to produce any desired voltage. (up to 40 or so volts)

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