How to build a Dual Rotor Axial Flux Alternator PMA for a Wind Turbine

This video is Part I in a series from that details the construction process and techniques used to build a Do- it- Yourself axial flux alternator. More details and supplies are available from our web site. Thank you for watching. Let us know if it is helpful.

26 Responses to “How to build a Dual Rotor Axial Flux Alternator PMA for a Wind Turbine”

  1. didyahearme says:


  2. ph2oo says:

    great real real explanation tanks for educating me:)

  3. leonesith says:

    This is impressive! Been searching the web on how to build wind turbine generator good thing that i found your video here. Simple explanation and design. Will start my project base on your design, Will post my progress here also. Cheers! Thank you! keep it up. – from the Philippines

  4. leonesith says:

    This is impressive! Been searching the web on how to build wind turbine generator, good thing that i found your video here. Simple design and technique. Will start my project based on your design and post the progress here. Thank you and keep it up- from the Philippines.

  5. YoLninYo says:

    Thank you for such clear, concise and helpful video (from a vendor no less). This actually makes me want to buy more stuff from you guys instead of DIY …

    Good Job!

  6. TheDemocracyDelusion says:

    Sorry, I am having trouble finding the data sheet on your web site. I have registered and am logged in, yet I seem to be just going around in circles through your catalog?

    I know it exists, I have seen it lol, I just can’t get back their.


  7. tanvi608 says:

    How many watt did you get from this Generator. And how many turn in a one coil

  8. Ezlife2 says:

    how many puonds of Magnet Wire dose it take to make all of the coils? if it is 15 or 18 gauge

  9. Ezlife2 says:

    should the magnets beable to fit throught the center of the coild?

  10. Methamorphomind says:

    Best explanation is impossible. 11/10. Thanks my friend.

  11. yyykl says:

    Thanks for your video

  12. websitemakerjonathan says:

    what guage wire ?

  13. wramosbarboza says:

    Very Very nice! Congratulations… A great job.

  14. 073wajid says:

    i have 1.18inch dia 5mm neo magnets.
    i want to make a dual rotor system 12 mag on each plates.9 coil on stator.
    what gauge of wire and how many turns do i use to get charging voltage in 10mph wind speed.

  15. eddieconnors says:

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    visit imecofarm for more details. Thanks. Eddie

  16. eloid777 says:

    how many watts is this stator design?

  17. eloid777 says:

    how many watts is this stator design? would twisting the wire improve the wattage can some comment

  18. Thinker4Life says:

    I’m building a low cost vertical windmill type system and am hoping to sell them door to door. And start my own thing.. What is the output of this setup and how many RPMs are needed? And is there resistance at different RPM’s at all or is it constantly free spinning? Can this then just be linked to a Grid Tie inverter? Can this coil assembly be purchased already constructed cast and everything?

  19. lrb1e39 says:

    It would appear that, once constructed and put into production, there will be two disadvantageous aspects to the design that, perhaps can be overcome. One is the friction introduced at the axis…perhaps creating a frictionless axis to rotor design using permanent magnets in a concentric ring configuration. Second is the weight ofthe turbine frame/blade configuration…perhaps using composite materials or non-metallic, yet strong materials might reduce the weight bearing across the magnets.

  20. contactss65 says:

    very nice and informative video! Ready for part 2!

  21. elizondo2000 says:

    hello please can you tell me that the slides are made material? these metals are embedded in a circle where the coils are installed …… thanks

  22. Bronislawsky says:

    @wind2volts why are you using 2 strands, is it to get more amp and less volts then if you would use 70 turns of one strand ?

  23. ovalnet says:

    Great coil design. My son and I have been having fun with magnets and copper. Have you made multi-staged stators? Stacked them in tiers?

  24. jotoew says:

    why are there 3 terminals?

  25. Cowcharge says:

    Is there one place where I can find all the math needed to design an alternator? Where do you start, with desired wattage? How do you calculate wire and coil size, number of magnets, gap between rotor and stator, voltage:rpm, and how many hp it takes to turn it under load? I’ve watched dozens of videos and been to dozens of wind sites and have yet to find any specific information. It’s extremely frustrating.

  26. prasanna says:

    Hi there,
    I want to know the gap between the magnets and the coils to adjust to get the best results.

    Waiting for the reply.


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