How to Make Tesla Generator – Build Homemade Magnet Generators & Free Electricity TheSuppressed FREE ELECTRICITY Invention of Nikola Tesla – and Tutorial HOW YOU can use it To Generate Free Energy at Your Home. The Technology To Harness The Massive, Untapped Reserve of Cosmic Energy Has Been Unleashed! Magnet Motor, I collected all information that was available …The Lutec 1000 is the first free energy machine to be developed to commercial stage anywhere in the world. Cached – SimilarBuild A Free Energy Magnetic Motor And Enjoy Free Electric | Build … The generator creates energy by itself and powers your home for free, fully off the electric grid. And much more…Cached – SimilarMagnet Motor Free Energy 1 Mar 2010 … Children can move around freely within reach of a magnet motor free energy yielding generator. There is no combustibility or danger of …CachedSecrets To Build A Free Energy Generator – Tesla Generator … The Tesla generator has a potential to harness free energy from the earth and uses the magnetic charges between the sun and the earth. environment free fuel gadgets generator green hardware home howto hydrogen laptop led light lighting linux mac magnetic mobile news phone power programming science software solar sustainability technology tools usb video water web2.0 webdesign wind automobiles military inspirational cannabis electronics warfare garderning palestine libya

9 Responses to “How to Make Tesla Generator – Build Homemade Magnet Generators & Free Electricity”

  1. alimehdiea says:

    hahaha 3310 nokia,

  2. tubeseek41 says:

    Yeah, 20 volts but 0.0000000000001 milli-ampere !

  3. shivendra009 says:


  4. MrUltramarinus says:

    ineresting, but i suspect, i could do it home all by myslef. Not good enough in electroengeneering…

  5. ShermanJr1970 says:

    Hey does anyone have this video in a higher quality to show how it wired on the breadboard, thanks.

  6. OrlandoBrown3124 says:

    Here is some fruitful information….thanks….
    The Tesla Generator is a Magnetic Generator
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  7. gamehugs says:

    This video is stolen from /watch?v=KnJFonvzr1E

  8. Thorax232 says:

    I see this EXACT same scam EVERYWHERE. No way I’m paying for something everybody is copying and selling.

  9. benidormstud says:

    How the fuck can you run your home with that? Show us one that will run my house. Sell the full working version.

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