Minecraft Xbox: How To Build A Sand/Gravel Generator – Infinite Sand & Gravel | HD

Welcome to a tutorial of how to make a sand / gravel generator where you can generate infinite amounts of sand or gravel! Now you’ll never run out of sand or…

25 Responses to “Minecraft Xbox: How To Build A Sand/Gravel Generator – Infinite Sand & Gravel | HD”

  1. thelegobuilder12341 says:

    the only redstone update was the double dood so you clearly built it wrong

  2. krezail says:

    im excited. Cant come of out the reality of getting a iphone for doing some questionnaire :) .

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  3. Chris E. says:

    I have to kickstart mine by placing then destroying redstone next to the 2 repeaters by the power switch

  4. Chris E. says:

    Any1 know how to fix this?

  5. imhahadead7777 says:

    U arre having a restone lag. Try building this in an area with less structures, redstone, ect and that should help

  6. NotSoHFriendly says:

    Could TU12 have tampered with the design? I followed it perfectly but the middle isn’t powered

  7. DomesticButterGolem says:

    TU12 fuck it all up

  8. DomesticButterGolem says:

    i have made it work!!!

  9. DomesticButterGolem says:

    i do i am puting a video on youtube of how to do it :)

  10. DomesticButterGolem says:

    click on my channel if u wont this to work

  11. KobeKilla31 says:

    what skin pack is that in?

  12. Ryan Knapp says:

    Doesnt work f

  13. thelegobuilder12341 says:

    i did it and it worked so people who are saying it doest work it does and i didnt rewind

  14. Chris E. says:


  15. Lewis Martin says:

    I didn’t rewind it I just paused it

  16. xavier martinez says:

    i did what you did to

  17. xFrOsTeDGsMeRx says:

    He sucks at explaining.

  18. ReconSniperProdution says:

    I couldn’t get it to work

  19. Ryan Tickle says:

    6:07 left off

  20. gamerlad227 says:

    does this work with dragon eggs?

  21. A MeInAwesome says:

    Mine Didn’t work :( im pretty sure I built it right

  22. SublexAcid says:

    that would be great for skyblock

  23. danielprz1195 says:

    Does it work on pc/computer

  24. imhahadead7777 says:

    This idiot forgot to mention it does not work if you face east. It works in every other direction. If it doesn’t work still than recheck device

  25. nicholas watkins says:

    This is cool but who uses sand or gravel

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