Thermoelectric Generator TEG Power Brick

Visit We would like to introduce you to our newest product, the TEG Power Brick. We developed this thermoelectric generator for use …

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  1. jinglenene1000 says:

    well if it would be used to cook and heat room while making electricity that’s an awesome used..but electricity is intended to be in constant supply in order to used it efficiently..then it also means you have to always cook and heat the room to have an efficient supply of electricity to benefit the used of dived that used electricity..

  2. irishgtxx says:

    By simply adding a small rechargeable battery to this system a constant supply would be available.

  3. Nick Fisher says:

    Great question!!! Everyone knows that Volts are directly equal to Power… haha jk jk

  4. Константин Порошкин says:

    Electrical efficiency of these devices is 1 … 2%. For example, to get 200 watts of electrical power, it is necessary to pass through the thermal flow capacity of 10 000 … 20,000 watts. The practical application is very limited – you can only really be powered digital clock)))

  5. Eric Yukon says:

    AVOID THIS COMPANY! Paid for generator in April 2012, now it is February 2013 and I still haven’t received it. Many inquiries have been ignored or answered with evasions or lies. BBB complaint in process. FRAUD!

  6. NOBOX7 says:

    very good point , most inventors are not aware of practicality analysis

  7. a2zhandi says:

    so many people lack practical sense these days.

  8. edward eichstadt says:

    is there anyway to put enough of these in series to bump the voltage up to 120?

  9. Pedro Claro says:

    Snow on África lol

  10. Stanley Jones says:

    How many TEC’s have you got there, i’ve seen these laid out in a grid form, is it the more of these connections from the hot to the cold side the better ?

  11. Ivan Eremin says:

    but not see power ;) power is very very small in this system ;)

  12. youubar says:

    I am curious how power generation would be affected by painting the hot side black, since in theory this would improve thermal absorptivity. I’ll have to make my own to find out…

  13. James Schenck says:

    I think people are missing the point here. They are not making unsubstantiated claims in this video. It is for demonstration purposes.  Charging a cell phone or radio off of a differential temperature is pretty cool if you are already creating the differential for other purposes. (heating or cooking with a wood stove) The efficiency of the conversion or the total output being scoffed at is missing the point.

  14. Tim Ardestam says:


    Facepalm because you did not listen.

  15. hokpe72 says: is just a fraud. They sell items via paypal, so it seems to be safe. But reality is that you can’t get your money back from paypal, because the tegpower delivery times are more than 45 days and you need to do the paypal dispute within 45 days.

  16. Ali Durmaz says:

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  17. ArahantNoah says:

    Can someone please answer my question: This is not a troll question, although it seems like one, I honestly just don’t understand, what do you use to hook this up to charge your household items?

  18. Jun Hong says:

    if you’re willing to pay alot of money, well one module costs about $10 on ebay. They create about 12v. (If you do a good job) buy ten of those. about 120v, but why not make it output 5v and charge a cellphone or something?

  19. A1Zealot says:

    You would also need a power inverter if you want 120v AC.

  20. IlluminatedWhiteGuy says:

    Since it outputs 12VDC you would need to use a voltage regulator to output 5VDC to charge cell phones. Whenever you charge a battery the voltage needs to be slightly greater then the battery you are charging for it to charge. Cell phone batteries are 3.6 to 3.7VDC so they need 5VDC to charge. A 12V car battery needs 13.5 to 15VDC to charge it. You could use a car lighter to cell phone charge adapter with this to charge your phone. It just uses Peltier Junctions you can buy on eBay.

  21. TheOriginalEviltech says:

    the latest systems make about 10%.However these devices are more expencive than a small steam powered generator, which is far more efficient. One of those bricks is about 100$

  22. Lauren Joey says:

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  23. Keri Peck says:

    How esy would it be to hook up a cell phone to this thing when out camping yo?

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