Toroidal Generator

My attempt to build a generator that doesn’t create ‘free’ energy, but will reduce the drag or Lenz effect most conventional generators experience. This is my quest to help produce more power for less fuel consumption. Imagine a generator that uses 1/3 to 1/2 less torque/horsepower to turn it! My first attempt had 6 very small coils and produced 12 VAC @ 6 amps. The new coil produces 5 to 6 VAC (amperage unknown.) The good news: NEITHER TIME DID THE GENERATOR EXPERIENCE LENZ’S EFFECT WHEN SHORTED OUT!! Unfortunately, the unit experiences a lot of heat (180 degrees F in 3 minutes of operating time.) I’m working to remedy this inefficiency with a different coil material other than pure steel.

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  1. Nalopotato says:

    Pretty cool

  2. overunitydotcom says:

    Great !
    Yes, please use ferrite cores to try it out.
    You can get these at every extronics component shops.
    Please come to overunity dot c.o.m to report your findings.
    Many thanks.
    Regards, Stefan.

  3. bjusticeforever says:

    Thanks for the comments I’m trying a different rotor and building a laminated layered core before I try a ferrite core. I’ll post the video and my findings when it’s completed.

  4. tonytvtech says:

    lots of work but looks like a very junky generator 1 hp motor to 70 watt or so looks like maybe efficiency around 1 percent. not good 99 % loss

  5. bjusticeforever says:

    Beats the hell out of the one you’ve built, and the idea is to minimize the Lenz effect on the rotor…try reading the comments to the left of the video. Who gives a crap about the amount of loss on this system? I could care less if it runs at 1/1000th% so long as it proves the idea correct. My comments are quote: “My attempt to build a generator that doesn’t create ‘free’ energy, but will reduce the drag or Lenz effect most conventional generators experience.”

    Continued on next comment -

  6. bjusticeforever says:

    Instead of trying to talk trash about my ‘junky generator,’ why don’t you build one? Why not build one at 20, 30, or even 50%? I could have EASILY added more rotors and more coils and increased the % that you brought up. I never said that I was trying to design a high percentage system. Simply a system with a minimized Lenz effect on the rotor. You are the one who brought up the 99% loss. I NEVER claimed to be attempting to build a low loss system. You can’t see the forest for the trees.

  7. sc427c says:

    Ferrite cores require fewer turns, will give more impedance per turn and will give tighter coupling. Iron powder cores will require more turns, less impedance per turn and looser coupling, but will tolerate more power.

  8. bjusticeforever says:

    I may attempt to build one from ferrite, but I’m trying the Bedini way….using copper-coated welding rods. Check out my two new vids, and, thanks for your interest.

  9. Peopleunit says:

    Your video might be more useful if you explain to folks what the Lenz effect is, its properties, and the thinking behind how your approach might effect it.

  10. bjusticeforever says:

    Good point – but I’ve abandoned this style of generator for the more efficient Generation V that I’m currently building on a much larger scale. I’ll point out – maybe even show how – the Lenz effect adversely draws horsepower from an otherwise efficient system in my next video demonstration. I’m not that great of a narrator so I may have difficulty getting the idea across.

    Thank you for your thoughts.

  11. weeeendog says:

    listen idiots!

    the “drag” in a generator is nothing less than the effect of energy being converted from mechanical to electrical. this is the bread and butter of the whole enchilada!

    The Lenz effect is NOT some pesky nuisance that accompanies the desired action in a generator. it IS the fundamental operating principle.

    i’ll try to make it easy for you idiots . . .

    when you eat your cake . . . you don’t got it any more . . .

    got it?

  12. weeeendog says:

    minimizing the Lenz effect is minimizing the whole purpose of the generator.

    generators CONVERT energy. they do NOT create energy.

    grow up and get over it!

  13. dmgcat says:

    Heres a couple ideas about efficiency. One, dont make a generator to produce electricity. The magnets will cog and slow the metal rotor. Make your own permanent magnet alternator and make sure you use neodynium magnets with air coils so there’s no cogging. Two, I doubt a pure ‘magnet’ motor to produce overunity is unachievable but I have a question about what if you use half magnet half electric coil so you get 1/2 a push of the wheel for free from the magnets. No laws broken. Efficiency.

  14. bjusticeforever says:

    Gee thanks for pouring your immense knowledge into the discussion. With guys like you out there, we should already have all the answers. OF COURSE the Lenz effect is is part of the operating principal! But so is friction in an engine. BUT YOU STILL ADD OIL TO HELP REDUCE THAT DON’T YOU WIENIE – I MEAN WEEEENDOG??!!!

  15. bjusticeforever says:

    I’m grown….if you feel superior, feel free not to comment or watch the videos.


  16. moviecatninja says:

    get on with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. supermuble says:

    @weeeendog Wow. The Lenz effect is definetely NOT the purpose of a generator. We need Lenz’s law to create induction, because that’s just how induction works in a conductor. However, we do not need to have Lenz drag. The magnetic drag, and magnetic induction are two totally different events, and both can be seperated. You CAN have induction without Lenz drag. One example is the Lutec design, the Orbo design, the Bedini oscillator, or the Robert Adams motor, all produce induction WITHOUT drag.

  18. despinapjr says:

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  19. intermitrj says:

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