what type of metal is best to use in a HHO generator?

I am building an HHO generator for my truck. So far i’ve tried aluminum and stainless steel and they eventually corrode or get rusty, usually after a days use. They get to the point where no connection can be made. What is the best type of metal i can use

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  1. Roger S says:

    If you are generating Hydrogen from the electrolysis of water, Platinum electrodes are the best sort to use. Metals like Platinum, Palladium, Gold, Rhodium and Iridium are called "noble" metals because they don’t corrode easily. These are expensive however, but the contacts need not be solid, just plated. Pure Nickel isn’t as resistant to corrosion as Gold or Platinum, but it is cheaper and will probably last longer than steel or Aluminum. One other option is Mercury. A stainless steel electrode is covered by a small pool of liquid Mercury. The electrode runs through a sealed glass tube with a small pool of Mercury at the bottom. Ordinary nichrome wire can be used. Avoid Copper because it will dissolve in the Mercury.

    Add a small amount of battery acid (H2SO4) to the water to increase the conductivity; this will also increase the Hydrogen production.

  2. Yoho says:

    Stainless steel will be the best for the cost ratio. What type of stainless steel did you use? Some alloys are better than others

    20, 2205, 302, 316, Hardened 440A, A286, Nitronic 60 Are rated highest for corrosion resistance.

    15-5 PH, 410, 416, 420, 430, 440C are rated lowest

  3. Technobuff says:

    Save your money, you won’t save any fuel!
    It’s all a scam.

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